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Mila Gorokhovich
Urban Ballet Theater - 10/17/03 by Mila Gorokhovich
Intensive and Inspiring: Ballet Academy East - 8/11/03 by Mila Gorokhovich
The Printz Dance Project: Outstanding Innovative Spirit in Contemporary Dance - 8/3/03 by Mila Gorokhovich
Q & A with Patricia Dokoudovsky, Director of the New York Conservatory of Dance - 7/8/03 by Mila Gorokhovich
Better Not to Mess With Tradition - Critique of Kevin McKenzie's version of Swan Lake - 6/28/03 by Mila Gorokhovich
The 7th New York International Ballet Competition - A Look into the Future of Ballet - 6/27/03 by Mila Gorokhovich
The Swango Marvel! - 6/21/03 by Mila Gorokhovich
The Mysterious Past and Present of Moulin Rouge - 4/7/03 by Mila Gorokhovich
What Does It Take to be a Doriss Girl? - two interviews at the Moulin Rouge - 3/20/03 by Mila Gorokhovich
The Royal Ballet Amazes Audiences with its Young Rising Stars - 2/13/03 by Mila Gorokhovich
Ballroom Dancing - Part of College Life - 1/19/03 by Mila Gorokhovich
New York City Ballet - 1/11/03 by Mila Gorokhovich
Manhattan Amateur Classic 2001 - 3/17/01 by Robert Abrams, Mila Gorokhovich
The Revolutionary Discovery - An Interview with Yehuda Maor - 9/30/00 by Mila Gorokhovich
Riverdance Broadway - A Spectacular Irish Smorgasbord - 9/2/00 by Mila Gorokhovich
Alvin Ailey 2000 - Success or Disappointment? - 9/1/00 by Mila Gorokhovich
An Influence Towards Dance - 8/16/00 by Mila Gorokhovich