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Savion Glover Sizzles at Hollywood's Ford Amphitheatre - 7/16/17 by Jessica Abrams
Soaking WET dance series opens its 2017-18 season September 14-17 - 7/13/17 by Audrey Ross
Works & Process at the Guggenheim announces the World Premiere of Works & Process Rotunda Project: Michelle Dorrance with Nicholas Van Young, Feb. 16 - 1/24/17 by Michelle Tabnick
Works & Process at the Guggenheim announces the World Premiere of Works & Process Rotunda Project: Michelle Dorrance, Feb. 16 - 1/20/17 by Michelle Tabnick
Works & Process Rotunda Projects Initiative Launches with Gala, Oct. 27 - 10/21/16 by Michelle Tabnick
DanceMedia Publishers of Dance Magazine Announce New Ownership - 9/19/16 by Carolyn Callahan
Broadway Icon Ben Vereen to Perform at Pittsburgh's Hillman Center, Sept. 17 - 8/25/16 by Jen Roupe
THE BESSIE AWARDS ANNOUNCE 2016 NOMINEES - 7/14/16 by Janet Stapleton
2016 'Spring to Dance Festival' Swan Song for Founder Uthoff - 5/24/16 by Steve Sucato
Community-Minded Dance hosts annual Lindy Diversion event, February 19-21 - 2/15/16 by Gloria Shanstrom
Childhood Memories Spark Brown's 'BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play' - 11/13/15 by Steve Sucato
Mark DeGarmo Dance announces MoveUP! Dance Academy - 10/20/15 by Caroline Press
Gateway to the Arts merges with Pittsburgh Cultural Trust - 7/1/15 by Shaunda Miles
A Decade of Concert Dance: Celebrate Dance 2015 - 3/7/15 by Rachel Levin
Executive Producer Jamie Nichols Presents 2015 CELEBRATE DANCE (10th Anniversary) - 1/30/15 by Jamie Nichols
We Are the Music performed by Chloe Arnold's Syncopated Ladies - 10/22/14 by Michelle Tabnick
Savion Glover and Maria's Voice turned a spotlight on effects of abusive behavior - 10/10/14 by Rita Kohn
The Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College presents two residencies as part of the CUNY Dance Initiative - 10/2/14 by Michelle Tabnick
12th Annual Celebration of Dance: NYC Student Dance Festival - 4/22/14 by ExploreDance staff
Beef & Boards' Production of Cole Porter's Anything Goes fresh and engaging - 4/7/14 by Rita Kohn
Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre presents Cole Porter classic "Anything Goes" - 4/3/14 by Patricia Rettig
Celebrate Dance 2014 - Dazzle and Discourse - 3/8/14 by Rachel Levin
An Interview with Glyn Gray, Artistic Director of BPM beatsperminute, on their upcoming performance at Celebrate Dance 2014 - 3/3/14 by Robert Abrams
What is a Recreational Dancer? - 2/23/14 by Suzannah Friscia
CELEBRATE DANCE 2014 - 2/17/14 by Jamie Nichols
Dancing for Parkinson's: Aesthetics, not Symptoms - 2/7/14 by Bonnie Rosenstock
Celebrate Dance to be presented March 8, 2014 at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California - 1/9/14 by Jamie Nichols
Savion Glover's STePz to open new Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts' season - 10/1/13 by Michelle Brandon
In My Corner to tell story of boxer, hoofer Joe Orrach - 8/30/13 by Lucy Pollak
L.A. Dance Showcase Sees The City's Dance Through A Wide Angle Lens - 8/27/13 by Jessica Abrams
Tapman's Origin Wows at IndyFringe - 8/21/13 by Rita Kohn
Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts Announces 2013/2014 Dance Series - 7/30/13 by Michelle Tabnick
Gotham Arts Exchange presents inaugural FOCAL POINT - 1/2/13 by Michelle Brandon
The History of Black Dance in America - 2/25/12 by Rachel Levin
Stam-pede - a diverse dance show for kids - 1/8/12 by Robert Abrams
PETER PANtomime - 12/9/11 by Michelle Brandon
Singin' in the Rain - 9/8/11 by Rita Kohn
So You Think Mouslings Can Dance? - a preview and interview with Stephen Sunderlin of the Vital Theatre Company - 8/25/10 by Bonnie Rosenstock
'Sounds' sensation - 14 years after 'Noise,' Glover debuts Chez Bernhardt - 6/17/10 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Dance Media Screen Innovations — The 9th Annual Dance Camera West Film Festival - 6/5/10 by Rachel Levin
The19th Annual Lester Horton Awards - 5/16/10 by Rachel Levin
Thomas DeFrantz in Monk's Mood – A Performance Meditation on the Life and Music of Thelonius Monk – presented by SLIPPAGE: Performance | Culture | Technology - 12/13/09 by Robert Abrams
Peridance Center's Historic Move: Kids' Program Will Grow by Leaps and Bounds - 12/7/09 by Bonnie Rosenstock
Fall for Dance Wednesdays - 9/30/09 by Lori Ortiz
Up and Coming - Marian Horosko's Picks for Late Summer and Fall 2009 (and a few recollections related to Mr. B) - 7/22/09 by Marian Horosko
Ballroom Dancing for Fun and Athletic Credit at Boston's Commonwealth School - 4/2/09 by Julie Hatfield
Free Beginner Tap Class, March 1 in NYC - 3/1/09 by Marian Horosko
Upcoming Tap Dance Shows Worth Checking Out in New York City - 2/17/09 by Marian Horosko
Marian Horosko's Picks for The Best of 2008 - 12/5/08 by Marian Horosko
Radio City Christmas Spectacular - 11/28/08 by Robert Abrams
Lives of the Hoofers— Parallel Exit in "Time Step" - 11/8/08 by Lori Ortiz
Tap Maven Jane Goldberg's Forthcoming book "Shoot Me While I'm Happy" Provides Eyewitness Account into Living the Tap Life - 9/2/08 by Jane Goldberg
Fall for Dance 2008 Preview - 8/12/08 by Marian Horosko
Tap City 2008 - 7/11/08 by Marian Horosko
Tilly and the Wall Give Indie Rock a Tap Edge - 7/10/08 by Rachel Levin
Tap City 2008 - 7/1/08 by Audrey Ross
Go Metro… – LA Public Transit Dramatized Through Dance - 5/20/08 by Rachel Levin
Women in Tap Concert - 2/11/08 by Rachel Levin
A Return to Gregory Hines and the Tap Dancer as Musician: Andrew J. Nemr's Where The Music Lives - 1/11/08 by Tonya Plank
Wine Lovers - The Musical - 12/10/07 by Robert Abrams
Smuin Ballet - Schubert Scherzo, Bells of Dublin, Shinju, Obrigado, Brazil - 8/18/07 by Robert Abrams
Percussive Modern Mix - 6/4/07 by Richard Termine, Anne Mercurio
A Chorus Line - 2/1/07 by Robert Abrams
A Chorus Line Returns to Broadway! - 2/1/07 by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
Happy Feet - 12/10/06 by Susan Weinrebe
Chicago Human Rhythm Project's Global Rhythms 2 performs in Chicago on Nov 24 & 25, 2006 - 11/18/06 by Jill Chukerman
An Evening of Dance from Burgos, Spain - 10/19/06 by Caroline Banks
Choreographers? Cowabunga! - The 7th Annual Los Angeles Dance Invitational - 6/3/06 by Rachel Levin
The Oscars of Los Angeles Concert Dance: the 15th Annual Lester Horton Dance Awards - 4/30/06 by Rachel Levin
A review of Savion Glover's Visions of a Bible, performed at the Joyce Theater - 1/5/06 by Vanessa Vogel
Chicago Human Rhythm Project 15th Anniversary - 12/29/05 by Susan Weinrebe
Savion Glover, Tappin' Into Monk, at Jazz at Lincoln Center - 10/28/05 by Susan Weinrebe
That's Entertainment! Career Transition for Dancers 20th Anniversary Jubilee - 10/24/05 by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
Radio City Christmas Spectacular Holiday Dance Performance Starring the Rockettes Wearing Danskin Tights and LaDuca Shoes - 11/16/04 by Robert Abrams
Dance and the City: It's all about finding the right partner… - 9/1/04 by Rachel Levin
Rhapsody: The Company Rhapsodize - 7/23/04 by Jennifer Wesnousky
42nd Street - Musical Theatre Review - 6/23/04 by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
The Peggy Spina Tap Company - Idiosyncrasy - 3/6/04 by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
Salsa Party at Empire Dance - 12/15/03 by Robert Abrams
Career Transition for Dancer 9th Annual Gala - 10/27/03 by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
Career Transition for Dancer 9th Annual Gala - 10/27/03 by Robert Abrams
Smuin Ballet - Stabat Mater and Dancin' with Gershwin - 8/16/03 by Robert Abrams
Dance Theatre of Harlem - The Four Temperaments, St. Louis Woman (World Premiere) - 7/12/03 by Robert Abrams
Dance Fever in Gyms - 6/2/03 by Rachel Rabkin
The Kid - 6/1/03 by Robert Abrams, Lisa Allen
La Boca Candids - 3/11/03 by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
…And the Dance Oscar Goes To… - 2/8/03 by Rachel Levin
Shall We Dance - A Tribute to Richard Rodgers, a review by Robert Abrams - 10/21/02 by Robert Abrams
Shall We Dance - A Tribute to Richard Rodgers, a review by Roberta Zlokower - 10/21/02 by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
MSWC Dance Studio Performance Showcase 2001 - 2/4/01 by Robert Abrams
MSWC Dance Studio Performance Showcase 2001 - 2/4/01 by Robert Abrams
Shall We Dance (1937) - 12/31/00 by Robert Abrams