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American Tango
NaturalTango, Parasol Arts and Community-Minded Dance present Oniria Tango, April 18-20 - 4/7/16 by Gloria Shanstrom
Announcing High Concept Labs’ Spring 2016 Sponsored Artists - 3/9/16 by Peter Weathers
Denver's Community-Minded Dance presents Hot Night Fusion Dances - 1/7/15 by Gloria Shanstrom
Lincoln Center presents Midsummer Night's Swing - 5/27/11 by Lincoln Center
New York Dance Center: Miniature Moscow on the Mainland - 6/15/09 by Wendy Goldberg
Ballroom Dancing for Fun and Athletic Credit at Boston's Commonwealth School - 4/2/09 by Julie Hatfield
First Dance - A look at the trend towards choreographed wedding dances - 11/12/08 by Julie Hatfield
Diana Vishneva – Beauty in Motion - 2/22/08 by Robert Abrams
Reflections on Tango as an Aide for Parkinson's Patients - 2/17/08 by Robert Abrams
Estampas Porteñas - Tango Fire - 1/2/08 by Robert Abrams
VIP Lounge at Stepping Out Studios - 8/8/07 by Susan Sci
1st USA TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP - 7/17/07 by Rosalind Gortz
Dance To Happiness' Ballroom Party to Benefit The Smile Train at Club 412 - 7/13/07 by Robert Abrams
New Generation Dance Company - Bahia Blanca and Alone In Buenos Aires - 7/29/06 by Robert Abrams
Stepping Out Student Recital 3 - Ed Sesse & Linda Gammon - Open Gold American Tango - 4/14/06 by Robert Abrams
Stepping Out Student Recital 3 - Ed Sesse & Linda Gammon - Open Gold American Tango - V2 - 4/14/06 by Robert Abrams
The Millenium New Year's Dance Party - 1/21/06 by Robert Abrams
American Ballroom Theater's Dancing Classrooms update - 11/17/04 by Yvonne Marceau
Still Life with Apples and Orange Soda - 11/7/04 by Robert Abrams
Dance and the City - Shall We Dance? - 10/26/04 by Rachel Levin
Salsa Party at Empire Dance - 12/15/03 by Robert Abrams
The Northeast Blackout - Near Lincoln Center, NYC - Some Tango Connections - 8/14/03 by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
Spice Candids - 8/13/03 by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
Dance Theatre of Harlem - The Four Temperaments, St. Louis Woman (World Premiere) - 7/12/03 by Robert Abrams
Valentino - The Musical - 4/26/03 by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
Chicago, the movie - 1/26/03 by Robert Abrams
An application of learning theory to American Tango: short-term memory - 2/2/98 by Robert Abrams