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(Combo package primarily intended for dance companies presenting one season per year)

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Commissioned articles: Commission articles about a specific dance company or topic. This can be a review, preview or interview. The only catch is that a dance company can not pay for an article about their own dance company. However, recommending another dance company and paying for an article about that company, and then getting that dance company to pay for an article about your dance company is perfectly fine. In each such commissioned article, the advertiser will get a line in the header of the article saying the equivalent of "This article was recommended and sponsored by [advertiser]. Articles about [advertiser] can be found here [link] {this sentence will be included only if applicable}. Check out [advertiser's] website here [link]." It is also understood that all commissioned articles will be written to the same honest, but supportive standards ExploreDance.com uses for any article of a given type, regardless of who is paying for the article.

Creation of ads: The advertiser would supply appropriate graphics and other information for the ads. We can have our graphic designers create new ads, but that would be extra.

Payment due dates: All full payment options are due within 30 days of signing the contract, and we will generally provide the partial month between receipt of payment and the first of the next month for free, especially on 12 month packages. For monthly payment options, the first payment is due within 30 days of signing the contract, and subsequent payments are due within 30 days of the 1st of the relevant month (e.g., if the second month starts on March 1, the second payment would be due no later than March 31). The advertiser agrees that payments received after the 30 grace period are subject to collection fees, which will consist of ExploreDance.com's collection costs plus 5% of the amount owed, but if payments are late and no collection costs have been incurred, the advertiser can avoid collection costs by paying an equal number of future payments early.

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